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I’m a programmer for die Bayerische based in Munich, Germany. I’m interested in backend programming, cycling, and photography. I hold a M.Sc degree in Computer Science from LMU Munich, specialized in Computer Vision and Machine Learning.


The main projects I’m currently working or have worked on are:

  • propparse: A parser for .properties files in Rust (github)

    As the name suggests, it’s a parser for .properties files, implemented as a Rust library. It’s also my first open source release!

  • config-parse: A tool to extract values from a .yaml or .properties file. Or files! (github)

    Sometimes we want to extract urls or other information from our configuration files, e.g. for internal documentation. This tool aims to do that (once it’s done)!

  • masterarbeit: My Master’s Thesis (github)

    My Master’s Thesis on Increasing Robustness of Facial Expression Recognition against Speech.

  • die Bayerische: Process Automation and Backend Development (website)

    We develop our customer platform with camunda bpmn processes and spring boot backends.




  • e-mail: marcel (AT) baur (DOT) gg
  • address & telephone number available by request

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